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KS Please talk to me about ambiguity.Your shadows and reflections contain vague figural information.A distorted Consciousness inserts itself into the blurry dark smeary areas. How do the less articulated areas talk to the hyper articulated ones DK Ambiguity in all its forms lies directly at the heart of my work and it was not until seeing the current Al Held show of earlyBlack and White paintings at Cheim and Read that I realized I was imprinted from him with the idea that paintings should be ambiguous like a newly hatched duckling following the first moving body it sees. Held was the first real artist I met when I was an undergrad at Yale and I knew nothing about painting or art and he had just finished those paintings three years earlier. Ambiguity is the door you leave open so that other peoples consciousnesses can come in and play with yours. Life is startlingly arbitrary though it seems to make sense.