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The hyper-articulated areas are there to give you the illusion you are seeing something particular but in reality the blurry dark smeary areas are just as particularized. I hope they work together to give you a reason for coming back so the time I spent painting them wont have been for naught though of course it is unrealistic to expect that of any activity. But actually the desire for significance determines a lot of what I do possibly to its detriment. I cant help it I was just drawn that way. KS Speaking of how you are drawn Im looking into your horoscope for the month Sagittarius and I see that the rational and the emotional are having a fight inside your minds eye. Decisions must be made but you are conflicted as to how to resolve them. I think you must let the emotions reign free and if this involves secret crying and eating more fried foods with your fingers Kitty wants you to know its ok.Also use more blue. Hope this helps in your efforts towards significance. Meanwhile can you explain how your work has evolved recently Your newer paintings focus less on disturbing figurative narratives and more on slightly surreal still lifes where the objects are strange and anthropomorphized.