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DKWell re my Sagittarian nature you may call it fighting but I prefer to think about it in the way I described Carroll Dunhams work in my review a few years agoEverywhere irrationality and control are trying to screw the daylights out of each other. But yeah every time I write something it takes me a while to slip back into the dark waters of the chaos. I guess because I may be afraid of what Ill end up having to justify this time. But I only cry in public and only at the most sentimental sappy movies especially but not limited to ones that have some fatherdaughter relationship. As for blue and fried foods I useeat them all the time. My works evolution Ive been doing the still lifes since about 2000 after seeing the Chardin show at the Met and the Manet still life show at the Baltimore museum in rapid succession. As you have noticed the still lifes as in Manet are about the same feelings made less disturbing because there arent people in them.The newer ones do have the addition of the crumply foil which I was infatuated with for several paintings. I like to think I cycle through many directions and perhaps let someone else help make the editing and curating decisions for public presentation. I hope they are evolving. I like to try new things that involve acquiring new powers note my intentionally not using the word skills here.