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DK It is a word that has become vastly misunderstood when applied to painting. The problem with the word is that it implies an action that has been repeated so often that it becomes unconsidered and which in painting implies not being in the moment. A flaw in spontaneity spontaneity being the wonder of painting both in doing it and looking at it.The wonder of a moment of human consciousness frozen in time. But ones power in painting depends on building upon certain knowledges that have been accumulated through experience and from studying other paintings in order to express nuances of feeling. Nuances of the flawed fucked up truth as you put it. Just fucking up doesnt express the truth there has to be a yearning for grace in order to experience the ache of its absence. And this is skill of a different order. So I find the whole academic conceit of de-skilling to be abhorrent and a misunderstanding in what is involved in making things and painting in particular.Which is why it has become necessary to avoid using that word in order not to have to explain this. It makes much more sense to just use power.