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Dennis Kardon is the legitimate heir of all the renegade traditions of modern painting from the bastardized pittura metafisica of late de Chirico through Picabia at his most transgressive to the classic Bad painters of the 1980s. The Midas of perversity whatever his brush touches turns to ickiness. The ambivalent orb in the forefront of Anticipating Disaster redefines the notion of the anxious object a globe that somehow sprouts vaginal wings out of its melting icecap. Elsewhere in this decomposing composition is a shape wrapped in a crinkly silver foil that hints at a joint of meat you dont want to unwrap. The chance encounter of this unhappy couple takes place within a still life setting that could read equally as a tabletop or an eerie architectural space of indefinable scale. Kardon is a master of ill ease. Review by David Cohen published on April 7th 2016 on Handle with Care Oil on canvas 20 x 16 2015 Cover Anticipating Disaster Oil on linen 30 x 36 2015 Left